Get American Netflix in Canada With This Google Chrome Addon!

Hi! Today I'll be showing you how to get American Netflix in Canada on Google Chrome by using a very simple addon! To get US Netflix on Chrome follow the easy guide below.

How To Get American Netflix on Chrome GUIDE:

Step 1) Click here to go to Blockless. Blockless is a Canadian service that created the Chrome app that lets you get American Netflix.

Enter your email, create a password and click Start Trial (picture below)

Step 2) After you've created your Blockless account... 

Click here to go to the official Blockless Chrome app setup page.

From there you will be linked to the Chrome addon with simple instructions on how to install it to Chrome and start it. After you've started it, just login with your Blockless account and you're good to go!

You'll Now Have American Netflix on Chrome!

After installing the Blockless Chrome app your Netflix selection will now change from Canadian to American while using Chrome! You will also get access to Pandora Radio, Hulu and loads of other US only media services! 

If you'd like to set Blockless up on any other device (Xbox, PS3, Wii, etc) you can do that as well on the Blockless setup guide page!

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