How To Get American Netflix in Canada on PC 

Hello! This guide will teach you the BEST way to get American Netflix in Canada on PC. The setup guide below is for the Computer, it will unlock 12,000 new shows & movies on your Canadian Netflix account. Start at Step 1 below.

Step 1) Sign up on Blockless. Blockless lets you get American Netflix in Canada on your PC.

Step 2) After signing up, click "Use The Setup Guide" then "For a specific device" 

Step 3) On the list of devices choose whichever PC you use (Windows 7, Mac, Vista, XP etc) and follow Blockless's setup guide for your computer. After this... you're done!

You will now have American Netflix on your PC!

After completing the steps above and following Blockless's guide you'll have have American Netflix on your Canadian account with 12,000 new shows & movies. 

After a week you can subscribe to Blockless to get American Netflix titles forever. To subscribe login to your Blockless account and click the "Click Here to Upgrade" button.

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