Pandora Radio UK - The Definitive Guide

Pandora Radio UK

Hi! Today I'll be showing you how to listen to Pandora Radio in the UK! This is very easy to do and is well worth it. To get Pandora Radio in the UK all you have to do is follow the easy setup guide below! 

Simple Pandora Radio in UK Setup Guide:

Step 1) Click here to go to Blockless (opens in new window) Blockless is the service that will allow you to access Pandora Radio in the UK or any country.

Step 2) Create a free account where it says "Try it free" then click Start Your Free Trial.

Blockless Sign Up

Step 3) After your account is created follow Blockless's setup guide for the PC. (Windows 7, Mac, etc) or any other device you wish to listen to Pandora Radio on. 

If you have Google Chrome you can install their Chrome addon here

You will now have access to Pandora Radio in the UK!

After you've done the Blockless setup head on over to (opens in new window). You will now see Pandora load up... now you can finally enjoy the music! :)

Blockless not only unlocks Pandora for you but also American Netflix (giving you access to 1000s of new shows & movies), Hulu and more US only services! During or after your 7 day Blockless trial you can upgrade your account to get Pandora Radio and loads of other US only content for only $4.95 a month. 

To upgrade - login to your Blockless account and you'll be prompted to.

I hope this guide was helpful! Be sure to "share" it below with your friends and enjoy Pandora!

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