US Netflix vs Canadian & UK Netflix

The difference between US Netflix & Canadian & UK Netflix is eye opening. As of February 2013 here are the approximate differences:

US Netflix - 14,204 titles (stats here)

Canadian Netflix - 2623 titles. (stats here)

UK Netflix - 2183 titles. (stats here)

That's right! US Netflix has an astonishing 12,000 more titles than Canadian & the UK.

The US Netflix numbers are also pretty conservative. The Canadian & UK list are more accurate because they come from a user who did the count himself.

The US titles count are done with a program that hasn't counted every Netflix title out there. There's some guesses that there may be as many as 30,000 or 40,000 US Netflix titles.

There is very likely a LOT more than 14,000 titles on US Netflix.

But what's really important is the QUALITY of titles.

Quality of Titles

So.. US Netflix has more titles, which has the better quality titles?

US Netflix does.

There are so many shows and movies out there exclusive to US Netflix that it's not even funny. There are some good movies on Canadian Netflix but there's so much more on US.

One of my personal favorite shows on Netflix, Battlestar Galactica is exclusive to US Netflix.

I learned this when I googled "Battlestar Galactica Netflix" and saw the show there! I clicked it excitingly as I'd been dying to watch it after a few good friends recommended it. And... it just redirected me to the Netflix homepage. It wasn't there on Canadian Netflix.

So... I Want US Netflix. Can I Get it Outside of the US?

Fortunately you CAN. I've created a guide to getting US Netflix on your Canadian or UK account!

Click here to go to the guide!

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